Reflections on the Holy Scripture

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Astronomy is, in simple terms, the study of space and the celestial bodies inside it, like planets, moons, and stars. This study is what constitutes what we observe about where the earth exists. When we look into the sky, we see what appears to be a bunch of stars and perhaps a milky band. However, these points of light represent other stars like our very own sun perhaps much bigger and more violent. The milky band represents a part of the galaxy we live in, a galaxy being a gravitational system of stars. In fact, some of the points of light also represent entirely new galaxies. The study of these things constitutes the study of astronomy.

The Bible says that even the "heavens declare the glory of God"1. When we study astronomy, we find the signature of a Creator much greater than ourselves and majestic in nature. This page goes in detail about the study of the stars showing how the Bible supports what we know today and how the Universe supports Intelligent Design and Creation rather than Evolution.

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