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Perhaps one of the biggest evidences in support of Creation and certainly one of the biggest evidences against the Evolutionary Theory is the idea of a young Earth. Evolution requires millions of years in order to achieve the biological diversity we see today since the process is so slow. Therefore scientists have been forming "evidences" in support of the earth being billions of years old so that their evolutionary idea would fit. If the earth can be proven to be only thousands of years old, evolution could not possibly bring about the diversity seen today and the Theory of Evolution would be null.

This supports Creation since the Bible teaches that the earth is currently about 6000 years old, since the time God spoke it into existence. Here we will show what evidences exist in support of an earth only thousands of years old as well as refute evolutionary evidences that support an extremely old earth.

Support for a Young Earth

The Moon Recession

Normal Recession
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How the Moon recedes from Earth today.

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According to NASA, the Earth's moon is currently receding at a rate of 3.8 centimeters a yeara. This recession causes the earth's rotation rate to slow due to the conservation of angular momentum. The Moon's recession is caused by the tides that it creates on the Earth.

The tides are bulges of the Earth (mainly oceanic) that align one toward the moon and another on the opposite side. However, the Earth's rotation causes the tidal bulges to offset from the Moon. This is illustrated to the right. The gravitational pull from the bulge pulls on the Moon adding to its acceleration and causing it to recede from Earthb.

If the Moon is moving away from us, then in the past it was closer. A very simple calculation bringing the Moon to the Smallest distance by which a natural satellite can orbit a celestial body without being torn apart by the gravitational forces of the larger body. For the Earth-Moon relationship, this is approximately 18000 kilometers from Earth meaning the Moon could not possibly exist anywhere from that distance or less. Roche Limit would put the Earth-Moon relationship at a maximum age of 9.6 billion years which is no problem for the proposed 4.5 billion year age by Evolutionistsc. However, due to physical laws of gravity, the Moon's recession would not have been constant. As the moon gets closer to Earth, gravitational effects exponentially increase. First of all, Earth's rotation would have been faster making a more offset bulge and thus bigger pull. Second of all, with the Moon being closer to Earth, the tidal bulges would have been more extreme and therefore providing for a larger pullcd.

The Moon would have been in the Roche Limit only 1.2 billion years ago according to calculations made by Walt Brown in In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Floodb and Dr. Jason Lisle in Taking Back Astronomyc. This age is not adequate for the Evolutionists' model which is support that the Earth-Moon system cannot be as old as the Evolutionists claim.

Earth's Magnetic Field

The earth's magnet is thought to be formed by circulating electrical currents in the outer core, which would then decay just as any other magnet would. The half-life of decay of the earth’s magnetic field is 1,400 years. The chart below shows the strength of the earth's magnet over time1:

Date Strength Yearly Decay
1835 8.558 0.0070 (.082%)
1845 8.488 0.0036 (.042%)
1880 8.363 0.0032 (.038%)
1885 8.347 0.0028 (.034%)
1905 8.291 0.0066 (.080%)
1915 8.225 0.0076 (.092%)
1925 8.149 0.0061 (.075%)
1935 8.088 0.0023 (.028%)
1945 8.065 0.0030 (.037%)
1955 8.035 0.0022 (.027%)
1965 8.013
===== ===== Rate predicts…2
2000 7.872
3000 4.823
4000 2.954
5000 1.810
6000 1.109
7000 0.679
8000 0.416
9000 0.254
10000 0.156

This half-life would mean that 100,000 years ago, the earth’s magnetic field would have been comparable to a neutron star, and would not have been able to support life. This is strong support that the earth is young, rather than billions of years old as the evolutionary model requires.

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