Reflections on the Holy Scripture

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Hello.. You are quoting the scripture regarding the 7th Trump when all saints will gain new spiritual bodies. That is the Last Trump. Saints being transfigured and translated to escape the hour of temptation… happens before the Last Trump.

The Last Trump ends all human history and happens on the Last Day.

Yes, I believe there will be an escape from the hour of temptation. But, we cannot gain new Heavenly bodies until the Last Trump when Jesus appears in the air directly above earth… when every eye shall behold Him.

I believe what you are quoting is scripture related to the full bodily return of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the Last Day.

So, I think you know that there is a transfiguration and translation in escape from tribulation… but you are combining that event by simply joining it to what happens on the Last Day at the Last Trump. I think you need to make a separation between these two events, which will require having greater light of scripture to distinguish these two separate events.

However, it's good to discuss these things and I encourage you to continue to share your views with the body because we all grow through discussion of the Word; and we are all called to speak the Word as we understand it..

God bless,

Laura Lee