Reflections on the Holy Scripture

Life's Handbook is an anonymous repository of people's reflections on the Bible.

Here at Life's Handbook, you can share with others how God moves in your life on a day to day basis. From Hebrews 4:12, we know that the Bible is God's Word, a living, breathing testimony with the power to transform lives. The Bible is not merely a historical document or words on a page. Its very words have the power to amend broken hearts, provide direction in life, and engender spiritual wisdom. In every way, the Word of God is Life's Handbook.

  • What does a particular Scripture verse means to you?
  • Has a verse touched your life today?
  • How does God influence your life day to day?

Life's Handbook provides a safe place where you can provide testimony to the Word's capacity to save and change.

Here on Life's Handbook, people can write Biblical reflections to be shared with others. A reflection simply consists of a pivotal verse followed by how that verse spoke to the author of the reflection. By reading the spiritual reflections of others, we can be encouraged and edified in our walk with the Lord, understanding how He affects other lives so that we can understand how He might change ours. And by sharing your own reflections, others can be likewise edified. Paul in 1 Thessalonians 3:12-13 encourages the members of the Church to lean upon one another in order to form a unified body, sharing a similar spirit of a devotion to God. This is the core and goal of Life's Handbook.

We keep all posts anonymous and free of comments.

We are interested in the content of our raw devotion to God, not in the doctrinal quarrels that may arise from interpretations of the Scripture. The idea of keeping everything anonymous and free of names reflects an aim toward sincerity that Jesus presents in Matthew 6 while also removing the fear of retaliation. We want Life's Handbook to be safe for those posting their reflections and to be a source of pure encouragement in the faith.

Anyone can share a reflection.

If God has touched your life, then we wholeheartedly encourage you to add your reflection to our repository! It is exciting to see the evidence of God in the lives of others. Who knows? Perhaps God will use your reflection to encourage someone in desperate need of the particular revelation He had presented you. And if you are not comfortable writing your own post, we understand and encourage you to explore those created by others.

We hope that Life's Handbook can touch your life or enable you to edify that of another!

God bless!