Reflections on the Holy Scripture

Has a Scripture verse touched your life today?

Life's Handbook would not be possible without the contributions of its users. Our goal is to provide a medium by which we as disciples of God can share revelations He has given us so that the overall Church can be edified and encouraged. To accomplish this, we allow anyone to freely create a reflection, so if you feel God tugging your heart to share what He has shown you, click on the button above to get started!

What is a reflection?

The Bible is the focus of Life's Handbook. We believe that the Word of God has the power to change lives and reveal wisdom. Each reflection, therefore, is a pivotal Scripture verse followed by how that verse touched the author of the reflection. We feel that this model best shows the capacity of the Word to change.

What things are you allowed to write in the reflection? We ask only that you be sincere in what you feel God is telling you. While God can speak to us in different ways, He first and foremost uses the Bible, His Word, to convey His message. Let that be the motivation that drives you.

To keep to the spirit of the site, there are guidelines in place.

While we allow anyone to contribute, we cannot allow every kind of post to be published. For example, we would not publish any post attempting to use Life's Handbook as a conduit for gossip. Therefore, guidelines have been established in order to keep the purpose of Life's Handbook pure. The most important of these are as follows:

  • Do not mention your name or the names of others. Life's Handbook is an anonymous repository, and we want to protect those involved as much as possible.
  • Enter a valid Bible verse. The Bible is the focus of Life's Handbook, and as a post definitionally represents a reflection on the Bible, we ask that a Scripture reference be provided that sparked the inspiration to contribute.

The above rules are likely all you need to know in order to create a reflection. For the entire documentation on guidelines, visit the button below.

If you have created a reflection, you can monitor its progress.

All posts are anonymous, so we do not keep record of who a reflection's author is. Rather, with each submission we provide a code that will enable you to find the post you wrote. Using this code, you can check the publication status, edit the post, or file a removal request. If you have a code and would like to find your reflection, enter it into the form below and press "Find".