Reflections on the Holy Scripture

To keep the purpose of Life's Handbook pure, guidelines are set in place.

While we allow anyone to contribute, we cannot allow every kind of post to be published. For example, we would not publish any post attempting to use Life's Handbook as a conduit for gossip. Therefore, guidelines have been established in order to keep the purpose of Life's Handbook pure.

This page details the bases by which we publish or reject submissions. We would like to note, however, that no action is taken against those who submit a post that happens to be not be published for one reason or another. Rather, we just wish that you may contribute without fear.

What makes a quality reflection?

A reflection represents a spiritual mediation upon the Bible. As such, our hope is that a published reflection would be a Scripture verse followed how God used that Scripture in your life. Given that, we simply want you to write out of the sincerity of your heart, whatever God is placing on it.

Honesty and prayer are the key ingredients here. Pray before writing your reflection that God may use it to touch someone's life or encourage another in the faith. We know from Matthew 10:19-20 that it is not us who speaks, but the Lord through us. Should we have faith in what Jesus said, then writing a reflection is as simple as writing His testimony to you. Let His Spirit flow through you, and the Word promises that miracles will happen.

What submissions do not get published?

Essentially, we will not publish anything that not a reflection on the Bible, nor will we publish anything that either blatantly or surreptitiously attacks others. The below list represents the kinds of posts we do not wish to see:


Spam is generally the blatant advertising of a product, service, or site, although trivial submissions would be counted here as well.


The language of posts should be friendly and not contain expletives that may offend others or God.


Names should not be mentioned in a reflection, and they should most certainly not be mentioned in a derogatory manner. Our first charge as Christians is to love, and gossip is just the opposite.

Excessive Negativity

Life's Handbook is meant to be encouraging, and while some melancholy is allowed for the sake of prayer, submissions that we feel possess anger, especially toward God and others, may not be published.

Excessive Grammar Errors

We tolerate grammatical and spelling errors for the most part, but if it impedes reading significantly, the reflection may not be published.

If you find that your post was not published for a reason above or some other reason, you may of course make an appeal to an administrator. We otherwise encourage you to reflect and pray about the matter.