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Today, our pastor gave a sermon based around the message in James 4:13-17 about not boasting about the future. The general message of the verse is that long-term planning can be futile, for the future cannot be so simply predicted. Jesus of course advocates that we plan, but to proclaim our plans as set in stone would be foolish.

Pastor brought up an interesting point, though, regarding the passage. It isn't that planning can be futile, but that planning without God is certainly futile. If we observe the first verse, we find that the individuals speaking do not take into account God's will, and that is their actual mistake. When we plan, it ought to be in prayer, asking God regarding the future He has planned for us.

This intrigues me since I've recently been planning many things regarding my future five years from now, but I have not been praying enough for God's permission and His vision. Perhaps it's time I take some of these plans in fasting and prayer to see where God truly wants me. I do not expect full clarity, but I do expect a sense of peace.