Reflections on the Holy Scripture

1 Timothy 2:8-15

Considering the changing role of women in today's time, this is an especially interesting verse. In general, the Bible does exemplify gender equality, especially in the household, but this passage appears to have a different take on women in the church. However, I'm not as concerned with what that as I am with the justification presented in verse 14. What does it mean when it says Adam was not deceived as Eve was?

This is not saying that Adam did not sin. He definitely sinned. What it seems to be saying is that Adam sinned intentionally. He was not deceived into sinning; rather, he in full consciousness disobeyed God for some other sake. What sake is that? It is not clear here nor in the original passage of Genesis 3.

But, we can ask ourselves this: Who else willingly became sin in full consciousness when He did not need to? Who is the Last Adam? Jesus, Born sinless, He chose to become sin for the sake of us, the Church. He did so out of love.

Perhaps the first Adam did as well. It gives us a slightly different perspective on how the fall of man really turned out, serving not as the lowest point of mankind but yet another model of God's ultimate redemptive plan.

Proverbs 14:6

This is somewhat following a theme that I have started following. At some point I became interested in the possibility that someone might think they love God, but in reality they don’t. Such people are deceived into thinking they are followers of God when in reality God does not know them. This verse expands on that and indicates that even those who seek wisdom but are scoffers by heart will fall. These ideas embody the idea that God looks at the condition of the heart; what our minds do is completely irrelevant.

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