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Click Obadiah 1:4 to test if the verse is valid!

Although the verse is addressed to Edom, it touched me because of its root issue: pride. This form of pride is the one that seeks to rise up above everyone else, much like Satan at the fall. The reason I took notice of it was twofold. Firstly, God literally told me to go to Obadiah 4. Turns out Obadiah has but one chapter, so I went to verse 4. The second reason was because I have recently made some changes in my life in order to rise up above my peers.

Yet, why do I want to rise "above" them? Here God clearly shows that He does not like that attitude. Does that mean I ought to relent? I don't think so; rather, I believe this is a warning against intentions. Is my intention to be known by man? Or is it to use the talents God gave me to serve Him in the best way I can? The motivation matters, because motivation comes from the heart.