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Click Ephesians 6:14-18 to test if the verse is valid!

Many may recognize this as the Armor of God passage. However, I also wanted to add in verse 18; though this verse mentions no particular armor piece, I think it to be perhaps the most important verse in the passage. It tops off the entire armor with prayer and supplication. Why? Because we are nothing without God. We can have the whole armor upon us, but without perseverance in the Spirit, we can still fall. We need His guidance, His wisdom, His instruction, and His love.

Secondly, it calls me to interpret the armor of God as a prayer. Consider its elements:

  • Truth
  • Righteousness
  • Peace
  • Faith
  • Salvation
  • Spirit

These are things we must be daily reminded of, and things we daily need. We need truth to hold us up, righteousness to guard our hearts and souls, peace to keep us going, faith to keep us strong in the Enemy's attacks, salvation to protect our minds, and the Spirit to fight back. We know we need these, but do we pray for them? I believe Paul intends that we explicitly pray for these things to be made manifest in our lives, for if we lose any one of them, our spirit is placed in grave danger, and if our spirit falls, then so does our relationship with God. I would know.