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Interestingly, after a brief prayer with the Lord, I felt that my foundation was not on Christ; it was actually on a belief in God and the truth of the Bible. From there, the message of the Messiah is but a branch of the foundation that the Bible is truth.

Rather, it works the other way around. Jesus is the foundation; the fact that we are redeemed is what drives us. And furthermore, after acknowledging that do we find the Bible to be true, for the Bible is littered with the redemption message, and if we accept the redemption forthright, we accept the whole package.

What does this change? That was what I asked God. And essentially He indicated to me that if my foundation were the Messiah, I would have no choice but to tell others and reflect that. I am redeemed, but there are so many who are not. The fact that they need redemption is so much stronger than the fact that they need to acknowledge the Bible as true, and the strength of that conviction is what ought to lead to action.