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The Samaritans say something rather interesting here. It seems that it would have been enough for them to have said, "Now we believe." Rather, they interject a small but rather significant appositive, stating simply, "…not because of what you said…".

If you remove that appositive entirely, the sentence still makes complete sense. Why then is it there? Jesus claims that every word and letter in the Bible is deliberate, and so I happen to believe that this small clause has a purpose. Specifically, it reminds me of 1 Corinthians 3:7, where it says that while we may minister and plant seeds, God is the one that gives the increase. So here, although the woman originally informed the other Samaritans of Jesus, it was Jesus Himself that caused them to believe.

Applying this, we need to keep in mind that we are powerless except for our ability to inform others about the message of salvation. I note that it was Jesus Himself that convicted the Samaritans, and so it seems to me that, when evangelizing, we must ensure that those we speak to are aware of the power of prayer. Prayer is how we speak to God and one way how He speaks to us. If new believers are to truly take root in the faith, then they need prayer in order to begin establishing a relationship with the Father.