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There is a difference between worshiping God in spirit and just plain worshiping God. I am sure many of us have partaken in the latter of these in a standard worship service, simply mouthing the words to the hymns or songs without truly feeling the meaning behind them or the Spirit of God hovering. I know I have.

What we want is the former, worshiping God in spirit. What is that, though? To me, it is essentially the same as saying you worship God, not just your brain. One reason people might worship is because they are obligated to. They know they have to spend time to admire God, so they do, generally on a Sunday morning. Is this, however, in truth?

Rather, God wants us to worship Him because we feel the need to worship Him. As in, we cannot stand but to worship Him at a given moment, even if that moment is itself very momentary.

I decided to write about this verse because I constantly struggle with doubt in my own convictions. I know God exists and know what He has done, but I occasionally doubt if my belief in that is genuine. This verse is encouraging to me, since at utterly random times I will indeed just admire the works of the Lord, in Creation, salvation, and my life. I feel that those are examples of worshiping in spirit, and so perhaps I am not as far removed from God as I tend to believe.