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In Genesis (chapters 6, 7, 8, and 9), there was a flood that covered the entire earth. This wiped out all living things except for Noah and his family whom God protected by commanding them to build an ark. The Flood was a tremendous event that changed the face of the earth and how society lived forever after. In the Creation-Evolution debate, the Flood is the explanation for many geological features and fossil finds we have today that are commonly used as evidence for Evolution.

The Biblical Flood in Detail

The Flood is one of the most famous events in the Old Testament. Chapters six through nine of Genesis outline all that occurred around the flood period including before the Flood, during, and after. The Flood was a way to destroy all the unholy people that were on the Earth at the time. In verse 13 of chapter six, God said He would destroy anything living along with the earth.

The people were corrupt, and so was their blood. In Genesis 6:2-4, an odd event took place that contributed to the corruption of mankind. Verse two is the main verse:

2 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.


In this verse, "sons of God" refers to those created directly by God, such as the angels. In those times, fallen angels had married "daughters of men", or ordinary human women, and this created sort of different creatures. Verse four describes these hybrids of sorts.

It is because of this that God decided to destroy the earth. However, there was one family, the family of Noah, that remained pure, and God decided to save them from the judgment. He had them build an ark and bring two of most every kind of animal onto it. When the Flood started, God Himself shut the ark (Genesis 7:16).

With Noah was his wife, three sons (Shem, Ham, and Japheth), and their wives. So in all, only eight people were to survive the Flood. Noah was six hundred years old when the Flood happened.

What is intriguing, however, is how the Flood happened. According to the Bible, two events took place that brought the floodwaters onto the earth. It is all said in Genesis 7:11,

11 In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.


All the water that covered the entire earth and all its mountains came from two places: underground and the sky. So rain fell when the heavens were opened, and water burst from the ground when they were broken up.

How the Flood occurred is important when it comes to studying the geological data we have today. From the Flood account, we can understand where the fossils came from and how the earth layers were formed.

Geological Findings

Earth is filled with geological features and artifacts. The fossils of long dead creatures and layered rocks are the greatest marvels of this planet. These things, used by some as evidence for the Evolutionary theory, can actually be better explained with the Biblical Flood. This section will touch on the features and findings on the earth and describe what they are and their role in the scientific theories we see today.

Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Mid-Atlantic Ridge
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The Mid-Atlantic ridge spans all north to south of the Atlantic Ocean down the center.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the longest mountain range on earth that runs through the center of the Atlantic Ocean. It is formed by divergent tectonic activity, or two large plates of the earth's crust moving away from each other at the boundary. As the plates go away from each other, magma rises from the Earth's mantle1 and hardens to create new rock in the ridge. This ridge is also home to large amounts of seismic and volcanic activity.

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This ridge is used by some to support the theory of continental drift proposed by Alfred Wegener?. This theory states that millions of years ago, all of the continents on Earth were previously part of one giant super continent called Pangaea. This gigantic continent over time split and drifted apart due to tectonic movement, and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge seems to prove this theory. This of course is used to support the earth's supposed old age. However, presence of the Mid-Atlantic ridge can actually be explained by the Biblical Flood, and therefore can be used as evidence for the Young Earth.

Continental Drift

As explained above, the theory of continental drift states that continents are moving across the earth's surface, and at one point, all the continents were together as a super-continent we call Pangaea. This is supported by observable scientific data, and the Bible seems to imply a single land mass in Genesis 1:9. Using modern technology, it is observed that continents are indeed moving albeit at slow rates. Non-creationists scientists, however, tend to believe that that meant Pangaea must have existed millions and millions of years ago, but that assumes that the rate of separation has been constant throughout timep.

It is very much possible that the separation did not have a constant rate. It is dangerous to assume things without proper data. The Biblical Flood can very well explain the separation of the continents as well as provide strong evidence for an earth of only thousands of years, as seen in the following.


Perhaps some of the most beautiful geological finds are canyons. Features like the Grand Canyon are believed to have formed over millions of years. In the case of the Grand Canyon, Evolution theory says that it must have formed from the gradual erosion by water and wind over millions of years (along with other forces).c

Burlingame Canyon
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This canyon was formed in only six days, a direct observation that canyons do not require millions of years in order to form.
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Of course, if the canyons were indeed carved over millions of years, then how could the Biblical account be true? Well, perhaps the canyons weren't formed over millions of years. Two canyons, for example, have been observed to form in a very short time. One such canyon is the Burlingame Canyon in Washington State of the US. This canyon formed in six days, an incredibly short time!d

The canyon formed when engineers diverted the flow of a system of canals into a small ditch. The flow of water caused the rocks, clay, and sand to simply erode away, and in six days that small ditch became a canyon with five million cubic feet of dirt removed.d

The other canyon was formed by purely natural causes. When Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980, flows of mud went down the mountain and carved through huge amounts of rocks. The Step Canyon and Loowit Canyone were formed in five months after the explosion.f

Canyons can form quickly if a lot of water flows through in a short time.d Perhaps the Biblical Flood can explain the existence of other canyons such as the Grand Canyon, as it was thousands of times larger, stronger, and faster flowing than the two examples above.

Fossil Record

The fossil record is one of the biggest "evidences" that the evolutionists have for the Evolutionary theory. All over the earth, fossils — petrified remains of once living things — are found in rocks and landforms.

One would think that if Evolution were true, there would be transitional creatures2 living today. Or at least, there would be fossils of them. However, no fossils of transitional creatures have been found. Mathematically, if Evolution were true, over the course of the millions of years, there should have been many specimens found, and yet none exist.kl

Another anomaly in the fossil record is the discovery of sea-life found on top of mountains including clams found atop Mount Everestm. How could clams and sea life possibly make it atop those mountains? There are many theories, including ones that claim the mountains rose or the sea sankn. However, although these theories may provide a reason for clams being found on top of Mount Everest, the means that caused the events have not been adequately explained.

Finally, the extinction of the woolly mammoths is a mystery to uniformitarian scientists. All over Siberia and parts of the rest of the northern hemisphere, many woolly mammoths were buried. The sheer number of fossils promotes conditions favorable for the woolly mammoths, such that the conventional ice age does not offer. Furthermore, mammoths have been found with partially decayed stomach contents, and some were even suffocated. Mammoths were buried quickly, so how could this possibly happen under typical ice age conditions?o

The Ice Age

An ice age is a period of time when glaciers and ice cover much of the land not covered today. There is evidence that such an ice age has occurred during earth's history. Glaciers leave behind marks of their existence, such as U-shaped valleys and moraines3. Moraines have been found in Canada an other northern areas not covered by ice today.h Wallowa Lake in Oregon, US, for example, was formed by a glacier by deposits of moraines.i

Ice Age
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A projected image of Earth during the most recent Ice Age.
Image courtesy: j

Secular scientists believe that the earth went through 30 or more ice ages separated by interglacials4, and some further believe in the four "ancient ice ages"h each lasting hundreds of millions of years. However, these theories are flawed in that they don't explain how an ice age could have started or how it was maintained. According to observations, "summer temperatures in the northern United States would have to cool more than 50°F (28°C) accompanied by a huge increase in snow"h. Evolutionists cannot explain how such an environmental anomaly could be sustained for hundreds of thousands of years.

The Biblical Flood is capable of explaining the most recent ice age. The Flood was great enough to have caused global environmental conditions which would have put large sheets of ice on the poles. By the same token, the Flood is used to prove a short ice age and therefore keeping the earth at a small age. More of this is described in the next section.

resource: h

Theories of the Flood

All of the points made above can be explained using a Flood model. The Bible does not go into deep scientific detail as to exactly how the Flood occurred. Genesis 7:11 provides the largest clue: The "fountains of the great deep" broke up, and the "windows of heaven were opened". In other words, water came from both under the ground and from above in the sky. Using these and scientific data from above examples, speculation can be made as to what occurred during the Flood.

The following theories attempt to explain the various geological features that mainstream evolutionary theory inadequately addresses. Each of these involve a global flood model as mentioned in the Bible, and while they may not completely align with actual events, they provide a general idea of the Flood's influence and strength.

Pre-Flood Conditions

Admittedly, there are some odd things to note before the Flood really occurred. The first obvious thing is that the people mentioned, including Adam, his son Seth, and many of the descendants up to Noah lived for a very long time, comparative to our lifespans now. Adam for one lived to be 930, and the oldest person to ever live was Methuselah, who was 969 years old when he died. The common lifespan nowadays is around 78 years (for the US)r which is more than ten times less than the life expectancy before the Flood. The question becomes how did they live so long?

Hydro-plate Theory

The hydro-plate theory was founded by Dr. Walt Brown and simply states that before the Flood, large amounts of water were stored beneath the earth's crust. During the Flood, the crust broke allowing the water to gush out in large jets. This theory is mainly supported by Genesis 7:11. Some critics point out that that the crust of the Earth could not float. However, if all of the crust were joined together, it would become stable. To understand this, picture a dome: it is very unstable when being built, because it can easily fall apart. However, once it is complete, its surface area is evenly balanced and joined, allowing to stand stable.

Comet Theory


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Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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